Helen Keller said it best, “ Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Her words are the driving force behind Global Sight Network (GSN). GSN, a network of eye banks assembled to help preserve sight in new ways was formed in June 2008. Its purpose is to unite in a humanitarian cause by re-purposing medically eligible donated corneal tissue that could not be used for penetrating or endothelial keratoplasties. This tissue is generally defined as having low endothelial cell counts, limited clear zones and stromal scars, or failure to place within the expiration period of the storage medium. GSN is embarking on a new journey to an old destination: preserving and restoring sight through the use of glycerol, a long-term storage technique. This allows patients the opportunity for improved sight through tectonic coverage and coverage of glaucoma drainage devices. The extended shelf life also allows help to patients previously under served because of time sensitive storage media, refrigeration requirements or transportation systems that were unable to maximize distribution.


  1. Utilize tissue that is unused for penetrating and endothelial keratoplasty
  2. Promote worldwide humanitarian use of glycerol preserved corneas
  3. Foster education and research into new corneal preservation methods and surgical uses
  4. Publish the clinical findings of corneas preserved through the GSN Glycerol Plus technique


Global Sight Network™, a service of the Alabama Eye Bank, began in 2008 to find uses formedically eligible corneas discarded for either tissue suitability or time-out reasons, through long-term preservation in glycerol.
Our vision is to provide GlycerolPlus Corneas for surgeries in domestic and international settings, in an evidence-based, regulation-compliant, and financially sustainable manner.